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Interchange Concepts II - Mickey's Photos

Uncle Mickey at the
Remains of Armstrong Castle
near New Castleton in Scotland
" Aunt Joyce and I are really on the move - So stay with us ! "

A McBride Family History in Pictures
One-hundred fifty years, 1795-1945

We begin with Alexander McBride (b. 12-20-1795) in N. Ireland (d. 10-14-1878), who emigrated as a young man of eighteen.  His wife, Mary Armstrong (b. 6-26-1795), d. 4-21-1847) also had her roots in N. Ireland, her family having arrived earlier and already in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, in 1794.  The Armstrongs were originally from Scotland, hence the picture of the remains og Mangerton castle which was located near the Liddal River, close to New Castleton, Scotland.  Later, I have also included a picture of Aghavea Church, near Enniskillien in County Fermaugh, Northern Ireland, which was built by the Armstrong Family.  When Joyce and I visited in 1988 we saw numerous gravestones bearing the names of both Armstrongs and McBrides.  It's possible that Alexander McBride's family also worshipped there.

One son, Samuel J. McBride (b. 12-15-1839, d. 7-17-1907) was lieutenant in the 78th, Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, hence the pisture taken of him with his troops on Umbrella Rock, Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN.  He married Mary Diadema Cotton (b. 10-28-1843, d. 10-26-1911) on September 14, 1869.  They had two children: Edward Alexander (b. 9-17-1870, d. 3-6-1952) and Mary gemella (b. 1-19-1877). I have included a picture of "Mella" as well. You will also find a picture showing the inscription in the fly-leaf of a Bible given to Mary Cotton.  What aheritage she left for our grandfather and his decendants.

On 12-25-1895, E.A. McBride married Lydia Ada Allison (b. 10-10-1873, d. 3-27-1933).  They had one child, a son, Ralph Allison McBride (b. 1-30-1897, d. 4-21-1983).  On August 10, 1920, he married Margaret Eleanor Book (b. 8-10-1899, d. 1-15-1984), daughter of Leander Moore Book (b. 1869, d. 1960) and Sara Catherine Davis (b. 1867, d. 1944).

R.A. McBride graduated from New Castle H.S. in 1917.  During 1917-18 he taught at Kelly School in Worth Twp.  In March 1918 he was employed as Bookeeper and Teller at the First National Bank of Slippery Rock which was the beginning of 61 years of service to the bank.  He was elected Assistant Cashier in 1925, Director in 1933, Cashier in 1938, and finally President in 1945.  Although he retired in 1965 he remained on the Board of Directors and was named President Emeritus in 1979.  He was deacon in the Zion Baptist as was his father, E.A. Mcbride, before him.  Margaret spent her life as ahomemaker, mother and grandmother, extraordinaire.  In addition she gave much of her time as Teacher and Superintendant of the Sunday School.  What "fine examples" they were !

R.A. and Margaret had four children: Evelyn Mae, born June 12, 1922, James Harold, born September 10, 1923, Ralph Book, born February 1, 1928, and Jean Eleanor, born June 29, 1930.  All have married and now have families of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of their own.

I have included one picture of "The Four" and their spouses taken with Ralph and Margaret around 1981, and a wedding picture of each couple (also Harold and Kathleen).  Finally, I have included a selection of pictures of Ralph's and Magaret's children and also of their spouses.  I leave it to each of you "grandchildren" to continue the "history", supplying your own pictures and filling in the particulars of your own individual families.
May the Lord truly continue to bless us all, as He has for so long.
Sincerely, Mickey

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