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Interchange Concepts II - Mickey's Photo List Page

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Pictures of :  Alexander McBride - Mary Armstrong McBride - Samuel J. McBride - Mary Cotton McBride - Young Mary McBride - Captain S.J. McBride - Uncle Mickey at Castle Remains - Family Group of six with E.A. McBride, Lydia Ada Allison McBride- S.J. McBride, Mella McBride Cook - Mary Cotton McBride- Ralph A. McBride
Pictures of : E.A. McBride - Young "Eddie" McBride - Leander M. Book - Little R.A. with mother Lydia - Sara Davis Book - L.M. Book in 1945 - E.A. McBride in 1945 - Lee M. Book at Home - Mella (E.A.'s sister)
Reunion of East Brook Band in 1920 -
Captain S.J. McBride w/troops at Lookout Mountain -
R.A. McBride as a H.S. Senior
Evy with Grandparents - Margaret on East Brook
Bridge - Margaret on the farm - Young Margaret - Evy
and Harold w/Uncle Harry & Paul Davis - Ralph and
Margaret by their house - Margaret at age 19 -
214 W. Cooper Street in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.
Mickey at Old Church in Ireland -Evy's Birthday -
Evy and Mother - McBride Four - McBride Family -
Evy and Joe - Dad (R.A. McBride) on back porch
Carl Jr, Ralph Jr., Harold, Jean - Evy -
Evy and Jean -
Mom, Dad, Jean - Mickey,
Jean and Mom spitt'n seeds -
Evy - Mom, Jean, Queenie -
Evy and Harold, Jean
Inscription in Mary Cotton's Bible :
Reward for memorizing 3000 verses of scripture
Margaret in Grad Dress - Private R.A.McBride -
Mom (Maragaret( with Parents - Dad,
Carl Moose & Clarence Hogue -
Mom (Margaret) in her beloved garden
Jean on bike - Jean, Mickey on bikes -
Teenager Jean - Ralph Jr, Jean, Jiggs -
Evy - Mom, Evy, Jean - Harold, Evy, Ralph Jr -
See what happens when you let your brother
drive Dad's car : Harold and Mickey
McBide Family in 1981 - Harold and Peg 11/3/44 -
Evy and Joe 2/24/45 - Jean and Jack 8/2/51 -
Mickey and Joyce 12/27/54 - Ralph and Margaret -
Ralph and Margaret 29th Annv -
Harold and Kathleen 12/23/00
Evy HS Grad - Zion Baptist Church - Joe in Army -
Harold in Air Force - Mickey in Navy - Mickey HS Grad -
Evy and Harold in 1924 - Jack in Air Force
Joyce HS Grad - Charming Kathleen -
HS Senior Jack - Jack and Jean -
Clark W (Joe) Knox - Jean and Jack in SR Band -
" Number Please " Kathleen as Operator -
Happy Couple (Mick and Joyce)
Harold and Peg - Joyce and Jean in dining room -
Mickey in Atlantic City - Kathleen -
All Legs and Feet : Jack and Jean -
Jack and Jean in College - Mom, Jean, Ralph Jr
at Watkins Glen - Jr. Jean in 1931

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